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About Bottom Line Web Design

Founded in 2015, Bottom Line was started by a pair of graduates who figured that the web development industry needed an overhaul. We felt that clients were paying too much for websites, and weren’t getting the service they deserved. We spent months developing a system that allowed us to complete websites quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. We first launched as a white label service – allowing larger agencies to outsource their work to us. Over time, we built up a team of professionals that could handle a huge volume of work and complete it quickly and professionally. In 2019, Bottom Line decided to take on clients of our own.

When you hire Bottom Line, you’re cutting out the middleman. You get to work directly with the developers, instead of having to deal with a sales team that will promise you the world and deliver something less. We can build a site to suit any budget, so contact us today to learn the best way to give your business a life, online.

What our clients have to say:


Margaret Phillips Testimonial

“ I highly recommend Bottom Line. We had a particularly challenging project. We went through two different developers when trying to get our project online, and nearly 8 months later we still had nothing to show for it. While other companies tried to tell us what we needed, Bottom Line took the time to understand our needs and create something that really fit with the vision for our project. They were able to modify an existing design to suit our needs, and we were able to get our website completed in only two weeks! With their bid coming in at half the price of our last company, going with Bottom Line was a no-brainer. “

Margaret Phillips

Financial Advisor
Lawrence Mendez Testimonial

“ We got quotes from several developers before launching our site. While some companies seemed to want to impress us with their superior knowledge, they left me feeling uncertain. Bottom Line took the time to explain things in terms I could understand, and gave me the ability to make my own decisions on what was best. Over all, I was really happy with the customer service and the speed at which they got my website up and running. I’d recommend them to anybody! ”

Lawrence Mendez


Why We're Different

Here’s how we see the web development industry:

Buying a website is a lot like buying a new vehicle. Imagine you walk into a dealership and tell the sales rep that you are looking for something to drive to work, and take your family camping on the occasional long weekend.

“I’ve got just the thing!” says the representative as he walks you over to a brand new Denali.

“We can build something just like this.” he tells you. “we’ll build you a shorter frame so it pulls better off road. We’ll put in a diesel engine so it’s powerful, but good on gas. We’ll even create foldable seats so you can choose between cargo capacity and seating! Overall, we should be able to do it for under $200k.”

$200k might seem like a lot for a new vehicle. But if they are truly engineering something completely custom from the ground up, you can start to see how where all the cost comes from.

Most of us are pretty familiar with buying a car. With your knowledge, it might seem a little crazy to have a custom engineered vehicle when something straight off the lot would serve your needs a lot better. And the same thing holds true for websites. Sure, if you’re starting a bank you’ll need a lot of custom software to allow your clients to manage their money. If you’re building a new social media website you’ll have to set yourself apart with a custom front end. But for the majority of small and medium businesses, we don’t need something completely custom. We just need something that suits our needs.

That’s where Bottom Line comes in. We have hundreds of custom made templates ready to choose from. If one of these templates suits your needs, we’ll be able to build your site for a rate that’s more affordable than any other developer in the Vancouver region. And even if you do need a few special options, we can modify these templates to suit your exact needs. Overall, we’re not here to try and sell you on a $10,000 website. We’re here to find out what you want to accomplish, then figure out the best possible way to meet those needs. If you’re looking for a company that works for you, then give Bottom Line a call today.

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