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The 14 COOLEST Coworking Spaces in Vancouver

Best Coworking Spaces in Vancouver

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly seeking collaborative coworking spaces, and as a result of this trend, there has been an increase in the number of coworking providers in the market. These providers are forced to be competitive and create unique workspaces with excellent facilities.

We understand that it can be overwhelming trying to sift through hundreds of coworking spaces, so we’ve curated a list of the coolest coworking spaces in Vancouver (in our opinion). Whether you are looking for a creative space to share with like-minded individuals or a sustainable office that runs off solar power, we have a cool collaborative space for you.

The trend of coworking picked up in Vancouver at an early stage. Today, the city has over 50+ coworking spaces spread across the most premium locations and iconic buildings. You can browse through Vancouver most awesome coworking spaces below.

These co-working space are ideal for:
Small, office-based businesses
Vancouver Web Designers & Developers
Graphic Designers
Consultants & Freelancers

1. The Network Hub

The Network Hub Vancouver

Contact Details:
Address: 422 Richards St #170, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4
Phone: 604-767-8778

The Network Hub has been providing coworking space, private office space, mailbox rental & event space in Vancouver since 2006. Being the first & oldest coworking spaces in Western Canada means we have the knowledge & experience to keep up with the ever-changing demands of small businesses and be proud say that we offer the most value to our members. Unlike other coworking space who offer some basic furniture (desk & chair) and internet access, we provide guest receiving service, mail service, meeting room access, event space access, insurance & a team of professional on-site staff ready to assist. If you’re in need of a coworking space or private office space to work out of, join us for a tour & see the value of being a member in our space.

2. L’Atelier Coworking

Contact Details:
Address: 319 W Hastings St #400, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6
Phone: 604-652-4448

L’Atelier Coworking is a uniquely designed, feel good coworking space in Gastown for forward thinking entrepreneurs, creative freelancers, cool techies, remote workers, and travelers. We offer desk rentals by the day or month as well as meeting room bookings, event space rentals, mailbox/virtual office service and more. Book a free tour of our space and join our vibrant and diverse community!

3. HiVE

Contact Details:
Address: 210-128 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8
Phone: 778-800-1250

The HiVE supports and amplifies the social impact sector in Vancouver; we do this by mixing one-part shared-space with one-part collaboration and a dash of love. Our community is made up of over 150 individuals and organizations within the social entrepreneurship, sustainability, tech and creative sectors all working to make the world a better place.

Our Mission

To support and amplify the social impact sector by providing the social cohesion, human capital, and resources that enable our members and partners to thrive.

Sounds cool, but what exactly is social impact?

Social impact means creating a sustainable, just, and inclusive economy that values people and planet above profit.

Why shared space?

Vancouver’s change-makers need an inclusive culture of collaboration along with support services. We’re making this happen by using the powerful tool of shared space to cowork, host events and build community.

Who belongs at the HiVE?

Why, you do of course! Our members come from diverse sectors, backgrounds and places; but they all have a passion to make the world a better place. Our community is made up of non-profits, for-profits, entrepreneurs, creatives, activists, professionals and techies who are challenging the status quo. Together, we have skills in finance, green building, education, food systems, sustainability, law, design, community development, and everything in between!

4. Suite Genius Mt. Pleasant

Contact Details:
Address: 225 W 8th Ave #300, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1N3
Phone: (778) 897-0544

Suite Genius is your neighbourhood coworking space for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for increased productivity, collaboration and a sense of community

Amenities Included

Some common amenities that are included in all memberships and locations:

  • Secured bike storage
  • High quality ergonomic seating
  • Comfy lounge and fully stocked kitchen with Suite a** coffee and tea!
  • High speed internet and a wireless printer/scanner
  • Access to member perks and discounts
  • Opportunity to engage in our community events such as weekly happy hours, lunch and learns, parties, and more
  • Meeting rooms with TVs and whiteboards
  • Professional mailing address
  • An awesome community of members
  • Outdoor workspace at both locations

5. The Amp Coworking Space

The Amp Coworking Space

Contact Details:
Address: 90-425 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3
Phone: (604) 343-4590

The Amp is a vibrant, affordable coworking space for mission-driven organizations looking to connect and collaborate. We are located in the historic BC Electric Building near Gastown. We offer dedicated desks, team offices, and private offices for rent. Members of The Amp can enjoy 24/7 access to space, high-speed wifi, and free coffee and tea. We also have two incredible event spaces that available to the public to rent. Event space can accommodate up to 45 people. Contact us today to book a tour, and come see what coworking is all about.

The Amp welcomes mission and impact-driven organizations and individuals. Sharing space with the same group of amazing people provides a platform for meaningful relationships and collaboration! We have dedicated desks and a private team office available now, and a smaller private office available. Click on the pictures for more information!

Dedicated Desk

Set-up your dedicated workspace, have 24/7 access to our site, and experience the benefits of this amazing community

Private Office

Wanting to connect with other mission-driven individuals but you need private space to do your work? Our private offices are approx. 100 sq ft

Private Team Office

We have a private team office that is suitable for 4-5 people. With lots of storage room and natural light, this is a great for a new start-up or a small team.

Virtual Mailbox

Not ready to move in? We have mailbox services available so that you can make The Amp your new business address.

6. The Aviary

The Aviary

Contact Details:
Address: 637 E 15th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 3K5
Phone: (604) 785-9282

The Aviary is Vancouver’s first coworking studio dedicated to supporting independent architects, designers, and creatives. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Fraserhood District, we are purposely at street level with large storefront windows in order to encourage connections between the design profession and those they serve. This is a place where a conversation might deepen one’s understanding of the design process, make an unexpected personal connection and most importantly, inspire all of us to appreciate the value of excellent design.

Who are we?
Andrea McLean and Stella Boyland, we are the cofounders of The Aviary. We met in architecture school in 2003 and share a common dream of working in a supportive, collaborative and creative environment where those we share space with contribute to a common culture of critical and creative thinking. Andrea also holds a degree in Interior Design, and Stella a degree in Engineering. Together we manage the space, and operate our own respective design practices, while enjoying the company of other engaging creatives at The Aviary.

7. Werklab Inc

Werklab Inc

Contact Details:
Address: 1275 Venables St #290, Vancouver, BC V6A 2C9
Email: [email protected]

Werklab is dedicated to creating spaces and resources to help the local business community connect deeper to themselves and in turn, help lift the people around them. Werklab is for working professionals who like to dive deep. We connect the curious and the doers to create a new future together.

The way we work has drastically changed. We’re here to support your return to work in a safe and healthy way so that you can boost your productivity and get back into flow. At Werklab, grow your business and expand your social bubble with people you know in a safe and controlled way.

The Werklab Ethos.

We stand behind our belief that when you slow down and do the work within, the right work you’re meant to be doing is put out, and is inevitably the work that the world needs from you.

We exist to support the individual in the pursuit of this path.

Werklab is home to a community of those who are choosing to do life differently, by doing life on their terms. It’s a collective consisting of freelancers, entrepreneurs and creatives.

A focus on holistic and integrative wellness.

Much more than a co-working space, Werklab is a hub for personal and professional development. With a focus on holistic and integrative wellness, Werklab provides members with a host of services and resources to ensure they are living their best lives all day, every day.

How It Began

With six years of Human Resources experience under her belt and an uncanny ability to forge connections, Christina Disler is the definition of a people person. This love of people and a value for entrepreneurship is what drove Christina to open Werklab in 2016. Since launching Werklab, Christina has ridden the highs and lows of being a business owner.

Some notable highs include being selected as a 2018 30 Under 30 entrepreneur by BC Business and becoming an ambassador for Cadillac Canada and lululemon. In the fall of 2019, Christina was awarded the Canadian Federal government’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund.

Werklab was created with the intention of supporting humans in taking care of themselves. Through this individualistic approach the support will impact their businesses and professional pursuits. Christina is passionate about providing space for othersto grow mentally, physically and professionally. She whole heartedly believes that when we go inward, and do the work within, we end up doing the right work that we’re meant to be doing, and creating the work that the world needs us to be doing.

8. iQ Offices

IQ Office

Contact Details:
Address: 1055 W Georgia St Suite 2100, Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3
Phone: (604) 359-5059

iQ is the largest Canadian-owned coworking operator, with ten locations in 5 Canadian markets. And it all started by recognizing the game-changing power of where.

Towering above the most recognized intersection in Vancouver’s central business district, our Royal Centre full floor features 360-degree Vancouver skyline views. A jewel of Vancouver coworking and office space rental: the entire 21st floor of the famed Royal Centre (a 24th floor expansion is in progress) at the corner of West Georgia and Burrard Streets, with direct underground access to Burrard SkyTrain Station and retail amenities.

Privacy is Our Obsession

Next to your productivity and security, your privacy is the third pillar in our triad of Member priorities.

Our Team is Your Team

Our highly-trained team of on-site staff remove any distractions so that you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Design is in the Details

We strive to design and maintain functional, inspiring office spaces of the highest quality, proven to impress anyone who visits.

9. Creative Coworkers

Creative Coworkers

Contact Details:
Address: 520 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1C7
Phone: (778) 232-4214

Creative Coworkers is a non-profit organization, sharing office space, meeting room space, photo studio, office resources and support to freelancers, small business owners and other non-profits. We’re nestled in a subfloor in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, known as Railtown. We’ve crafted a space for you that feels playful, productive and even cozy. It’s a little bit like home, a little like work, and a lot like play.

Community Love

“Not only is the studio a beautiful place filled with everything you could ever want but it seems to attract some of the most creative and interesting people in town. The opportunities for cross pollination, peer support and epic good times are virtually unlimited.”

“It’s a beautiful space to meet with like-minded, lovely people. Having a swing and hammock isn’t too bad, either :)”

“The coffee… no, seriously. The coffee is pretty spectacular, so are Friday post-midday beers in the sun, and the bbqs, and the occasional birthday. There is a large group with a big variety in tastes, backgrounds, occupations, and employment – from coders to artists, from filmmakers to beer-tour-creators. All those come together and make for great interdisciplinary talks, that’s something you don’t see anywhere else. Oh yes, they have desks too, which are just like desks – and you can find those anywhere. What you can’t find anywhere are the above mentioned things!”

“Sometimes the city gets me down; people are hustling and don’t want to look you in the eye. The Studio offers a beautiful space to work in a quiet, respectful environment, and also contains a warm community of people that are genuinely interested when they ask “how’s your day going?”

“It’s my work family ? Wonderful cool vibe at the studio and amazing diverse people!”

“I met D at the Beau Photo 35th Anniversary party and she was so welcoming and kind! She got me excited about the prospect of being involved in her community of artists. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the talented people at Creative Coworkers and Sandbox Studios, as I’m new to Vancouver and still building my network!”

“The environment and atmosphere – traditional materials brick & wood. The people-friendly spaces like the kitchen where conversation, discussion and laughter are often heard. D’s enthusiasm, dedication and community focus for CC.”

“The Creative space is an open and friendly environment, where you instantly feel part of the community!”

“I love being a part of the studio because it offers everything I need to get my work done and the vibe here is super friendly. The space boosts my creativity with the changing art on the walls and all the amenities here are top notch.”

“It’s an amazing space, very beautiful and it allows me to really focus on work. D is wonderful. You meet really cool people from different fields of work.

“I love the community, I love the inclusion, I love the vibe of the space!”

10. The PROFILE Coworking Business Club – Vancouver

The PROFILE Coworking Business Club

Contact Details:
Address: 535 Thurlow St Suite 100, Vancouver, BC V6E 3L2
Phone: (604) 637-9725

We love our property in our downtown financial district. For those who need to be near the center of the financial district. Or enjoy the downtown amenities of world class shopping and restaurants. This may be where you need to be. Join our Coworking shared office. We have private offices for teams from 2 to 20 people. Open area Work Space and lots of great office amenities such as bike rooms and showers.

The future of work is here.  Just as society shifted from the industrial age to the information age, we are shifting to the age of the sharing economy.  We share cars, we share places to stay, and we share where we work.  It’s because we care about the planet.  We believe that people work better when they’re around other people. We believe that space matters. We believe that standing together is better than standing alone.

The Profile makes things happen! We take awesome entrepreneurs and give them the amazing space and resources that they need. More than just office space, our coworking environment is a real community built for those that want work and fun in their lives. Still not convinced? Check out what this member has to say:

“If it wasn’t for The Profile, my business would still be an idea. The great people I cowork with give me the encouragement that I need to build something better each and every day.”

11. WeWork Bentall III

WeWork Burrard Station

Contact Details:
Address: 595 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V7X 1L4
Phone: (604) 330-2859

Marking WeWork’s introduction to the city of Vancouver, WeWork Burrard Station spans five floors of a building that’s truly a lifestyle hub. Retail, fitness facilities, bike storage, and parking sit below the building, and a quick walk takes you to world-class shopping and restaurants on Robson Street. The Burrard Street SkyTrain Station is directly integrated via an underground connector, and approximately 1,200 buses stop in front of the Bentall Centre each day. Needless to say, your commute will be a breeze. The area attracts businesses of all kinds, both small and large, so you’re sure to be in good company. Try JOEY, a bar in the tower’s basement, for after-work drinks. If you’re searching for innovative shared workspace in Vancouver, look no further than WeWork Burrard Station.


  • Enhanced cleaning services
  • Hands-free dispensers
  • Enhanced HVAC standards
  • Service dogs permitted
  • Bike storage
  • Wellness room
  • Event space
  • Honesty market

12. Envision Coworking

Envision Coworking

Contact Details:
Address: 60 W 6th Ave Suite 200, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K1
Phone: (604) 357-3555

Our story’s in our name: Envision speaks to the vision, the desire, the big idea that a member of our unique space has in relationship to their work.
We believe that no matter where you’re coming from, or who you are, we can all relate to that desire to achieve something bigger than ourselves through our work. And at Envision we strive to do two key things to help you succeed.

Provide a Beautiful Space: We provide a healthy and positive coworking space to inspire you to do your best work and achieve your vision.

Support a Beautiful Community: As the hosts who hold this space, we support you and your fellow coworkers by helping you get to know each other through engaging events, gatherings, and collaboration opportunities.

We also like to take the time to celebrate the story of where you’re going—that vision that you’re pointing yourself towards and the work you do to get there. And you can read some of the stories from our community members in our blog.

With plenty of natural light, ample hot desk space, spacious private offices and comfortable common areas, Envision Coworking is an inspiring place for creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs to do their best work.

Join us and enjoy…

Open lounges
Private meeting rooms
Conference & meeting rooms
Private offices for 2 – 6 people
Close proximity to Main Street shops & transit
Nearby restaurants, breweries and cafes.
Outdoor patio and BBQ area
Friendly businesses and happy hours
Small business support for designers & creatives
Events and networking for creatives

13. VanCubers


Contact Details:
Address: 997 Seymour St #250, Vancouver, BC V6B 3M1
Phone: (604) 449-2033

At Vancubers, we rent desks, offices and even our address. VanCubers is known to be a co-working and shared office space. We provide a comfortable, inspiring, and affordable space for individuals and small businesses to realize their unique projects and connect with a community of like-minded, forward thinking creators. Our most popular product is our virtual office for those who only need to rent our address to place on business cards and have a place to have mail and packages arrive.

Who Is VanCubers Co-Working & Shared Office Spaces?

VanCubers is a division of MobiBlossom Solutions Inc. A local software development start up company. Vancouver’s office rental prices are absolutely crazy, we can see why it is difficult to start a business and cover all the expenses. We understand that frustration. Our goal at VanCubers is to provide a class A co-working space as a greatly reduced price.

The current rental rate for the downtown core is sitting at $42.76 per square foot. This means if you require a 200 sq foot office, your monthly rent would be $8552 per month. Our office is laid out in a way that our private offices can comfortably hold 5 employees in just 96 square feet. Since the rest of the office is shared, your private space is what you are paying for.

But not to worry, no need to pay that hefty downtown square footage price. Check out our prices and come see the place for yourself. VanCubers is a very affordable place to rent a room for your office. Did we also mention, the furniture is included too?

What Does VanCubers Sell?

VanCubers does not sell anything. In fact we rent. We rent desks, phones, offices and even our address. VanCubers is known to be a co-working and shared office space. One of our very popular products is our hot desk.

A hot desk is a desk that does not have an owner and its tenant is constantly changing. We rent desks in our hot desk room by the day, week or month. The more you work with us the cheaper the desks become.

We also offer dedicated desks, for people who what a permanent place to sit, throw up a few monitors and have a place to lock up some personal work material and other company items.

For those who only need an address part time, our virtual office product allows you to rent our address to place on business cards and have a place to have mail and packages arrive.

Browse our website to get more details on the products and services we offer.

14. Pavilion 22 E5

Pavilion 22 E5

Contact Details:
Address: 22 E 5th Ave #400, Vancouver, BC V5T 1G8, Canada
Phone: (604) 558-5863

At the forefront of Vancouver’s emerging industry leaders, you will find Pavilion Cowork, an elevated Private Members’ workspace connecting global thought leaders and experts in their field. Elegant, modern design, thoughtfully curated amenities and personalized service from our community staff provide a space that’s efficient and inspiring to work in. Each detail is meticulously designed and tailored to you.
Let us mind your business.

We recognize the inherent interconnectedness between our environment and our successes – that what and who surrounding us profoundly impact our endeavours. Because of this, we’ve curated a space with careful consideration to each touchpoint, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Located on the corner of Ontario Street and E 5th Avenue, Pavilion 22 E5 is located on the 4th floor of the brand new Lightworks Building in Mount Pleasant. The building is nestled in the heart of the vibrant community, and directly fronts Purebread and is just moments away from some of Vancouver’s best restaurants, breweries, and cafes.


Pavilion’s interiors reflect a sophisticated approach to office design. Through deliberate selection of tones, textures, forms, and acoustics, our intention is to redefine your work experience through an authentic dialogue between materiality and space.


It is inspiring, when those whom you surround yourself with care deeply about your success. We strive to elevate every moment in our spaces. Let us mind your business.


Beyond a simple assemblage of individual pursuits, Pavilion is a space that presents unexpected encounters of the city’s leading professionals and creative minds. We hope you find home in this place of new relationships and ideas.

Wrapping Up

Vancouver has been extremely adaptive to the new trend of working and hence a lot of coworking spaces are now a part of the city’s startup ecosystem. The demand for coworking spaces is rising and so is the supply. If you are thinking to join a coworking space, this is the right time. Choose one from our list of best shared offices in Vancouver above and get going.

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