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Explore Japantown In Vancouver

A Hint of Japan In Canada

If you are touring Vancouver, then you definitely have to stop by Japantown. It is a neighborhood rich in history, and although not as distinct as it was back in the day, Japantown still has a hint of the Japanese culture, and there is plenty in store for tourists. The history of this neighborhood dates back to the time of the Second World war when Japanese Canadians had their property confiscated and were sent to internment camps. The property was never returned, and today, the neighborhood is popularly known as Railtown. Information can be found here.

The Powell Street Festival

This is the largest Japanese Canadian festival in North America and the longest running community arts celebration in Vancouver. The first one was held in 1977 and the 2020 edition is set to be the forty-fourth edition. Here, you get to enjoy both contemporary and traditional Japanese Canadian performances and demonstrations which include taiko drumming, martial arts, summo wrestling, bonsai and ikebana, folk and modern dance, visual arts and alternative pop/rock/urban music, film/video. The festival also includes historical walking tours, tea ceremonies, and the best selection of Japanese cuisine, crafts, & displays this side of the Atlantic. See here for information about Have Some Family Fun In Fairview.

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