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Popular Restaurants in Vancouver

Best Places to Eat in Vancouver

There are multiple restaurants and bars to enjoy in Vancouver. It doesn’t matter what your taste buds prefer. There is truly a little something for everyone. Check out the following restaurants for delectable treats you are sure to love. See more here.

Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant

As one of the most visited places in Vancouver, this restaurant provides a truly luxurious experience. The restaurant has a wide menu of delightful treats that will delight your senses. This restaurant is over five hundred feet in the air. Every hour, the restaurant revolves to provide a panoramic view. See here for information about Best Ways to Have Fun in Vancouver.

Mott 32

This exquisite restaurant utilizes innovative cooking techniques that allows an extensive menu of options. Cantonese dishes are the most popular option among diners, but there are many dishes from Beijing.  Mott 32 offers reasonable prices and a high class ambiance that is hard to beat. Visitors won’t be disappointed. 

Chambar Restaurant

Enjoy fine dining without all of the stuffy formalities at Chambar Restaurant. Visitors can enjoy Belgian themed dishes made with fresh ingredients. Prices at this venue are reasonable, and the environment is relaxed. While kids are welcome, adults are more likely to enjoy dining here. 

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