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Types of eCommerce web designs in Vancouver

Know Before You Design

Before designing an eCommerce website, you must know what kind of services you want to offer. This goes far beyond the need to identify with a designer who will give you precisely what you want. If you do not understand what kind of business you want to pursue online, your designer will offer a hand in coming up with the best, of course. In Vancouver, these are the few websites types your prospect site can take. Visit this link for more information.

Transaction Site

To an ordinary person, this can be one of the simplest websites they must have come across. It works purely to enable customers to search for, order, and pay for the products online. A majority of sites take this form, that is, if it is for online sales. Read about Attributes of a Competitively Active Ecommerce Website in Vancouver here.

Static Content Site

A site like this works purely to generate sales by promoting corporate awareness. It does not facilitate an online transaction. Instead, it provides exclusive information about a particular product or service and further goes to issue contact details on how one can get the product.

Online Marketplace 

Websites of these kinds give customers a platform to participate in an online transaction business without going through another party. Buyers and sellers meet online and do a transaction as it pleases them. 

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