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Top 10 Video Production Companies in Vancouver

Video Production Companies in Vancouver

Using video to enhance your website design or app is a creative way to help your company stand out. Video production agencies create content that can be of substantial value to your business. Finding a partner that matches your needs, however, can be challenging.

Video marketing remains the highest-performing digital content tactic. Video also drives more views, engagement, and response than any other social posting option.  We have decided to make your life easier and list some of the top video production companies in Vancouver. We want you to know that wherever the location of your company or business, making videos as part of your marketing strategy is smart. And necessary. Brands can’t just go dark for extended periods of time without losing their audience.

If there is a way to promote your brand and enable it to reach the targeted audience, then it is through videos. In a digital marketplace that is already saturated, providing visual quality can make a lot of difference. This is especially so when there are numerous companies already doing that to get a proper customer base.

With improved technology, it has become essential for companies to tap into it and provide customers with video footages that will keep them interested in various offerings. This is where an experienced and competent video production company can help you. Typically, these companies are able to provide you with striking footage and high-quality content that will prompt your customers to impose their faith in your offerings and as a service provider. Remember, customers of today are intelligent and can easily differentiate between excessive camera motion and grainy footage.

Ready to start your search? Our analysts have compiled a data-driven guide to the best video production companies in Vancouver. Use this shortlist to find a partner that will secure tangible benefits for your business. So here goes:

1. Tetra Films

Tetra Films

We create results driven Business Video, period. From big corporations, to small start ups, to non profits & charities, we create videos that communicate your message and values to your audience emotionally.

  • Video Testimonials
  • Event Videos
  • Educational & Training Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Sales VideosStudio Production
  • Online Video Ads
  • Not-For-Profit Videos
  • Drone Aerial Video
  • Product Videos
  • Brand Films
  • Videography

FOUNDERS’ VISION – To create, motivate and inspire people using stories that make an impact for our families, communities and viewers.


Brice Benson Kelly values family, children, nature, and making a positive impact in his world. He is a graduate of Vancouver Film School and the co-owner of Tetra Films. He provides best-in-class video production services to the public and private sector with over twenty years of experience in the film industry. Brice has strong roots in Vancouver with backgrounds in acting and producing. Attention to detail and client care have always been strong drivers for Brice; he feels deeply satisfied when all the pieces of the puzzle are in place and the client is happy at the end of the day.

“There’s so much I love about video production, but the best part is being able to visually express a point of view that helps people in some way. Having looked inward, I straight away knew I wanted to affect positive change outward in the world – and Tetra Films is one of the best ways for me to express that.”


Will Lavendel has been in the TV and film business for over twenty years, his heart belongs to filmmaking. He is a graduate of Vancouver Film School where he learned not only the craft of film but the business side as well. He is a trained actor, writer and director as well as the co-founder of Tetra Films. It’s Will’s personal mission to encourage growth through film and video content to help make this world a slightly better place. “Video really engages people; we can’t help but watch and leave feeling changed. That’s what I’m working towards, developing creative products that inspire a positive reaction.

Contact Details:
Address: 1511 Salsbury Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 4B7
Phone: 604-562-0499

2. Basetwo Media

Basetwo Media

We’re an award-winning agency with a story to tell.
Since founding the company way back in 2004, we’ve produced a lot of great work for some amazing clients.

We’ve also heard from many that the cost of video was too hard to justify, the ROI impossible to measure. Others who did occasionally invest in videos, did so simply to check off a box on a list once every couple of years.

Over the years, we’ve seen our industry evolve tremendously, with the emergence of high definition video and the birth of YouTube. One thing is for sure, that the concept of the silver bullet ‘corporate video’ is a thing of the past. Video marketing has matured to become a powerful tool which can deliver measurable results through strategy, optimization, and iteration.

Our long-term clients will have noticed a change over the past few years in the way we approach our work. Simply put, our goal is for you to see such tangible results from our work that you want to produce even more videos with us in the future – not simply to check off that box.

As an organization, we operate under a strong set of values and beliefs.

We believe that strategy should come before tactics.
We believe in results and that they should be measured.
We believe that earning and maintaining the trust of our clients is crucial to doing good work.
We believe in collaboration and clear communication.
We believe in continual improvement through constant learning.
We believe that video should be contextually appropriate and platform specific.

Most importantly, we believe that video can be a powerful tool for telling stories and connecting with people in an authentic and engaging way. If you believe these things too, then maybe we should talk.

Contact Details:
Address: 555 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8
Phone: 604-681-4995

3. Media Button Vancouver

Media Button specializes in providing exceptional video production services across Canada, the U.S. and internationally. Whether you’re needing a corporate video, brand film, product promotion, commercial, music video or documentary, with a well-equipped production studio located in Vancouver along with producers and crews in Kelowna BC and Los Angeles, our team of award-winning creative professionals will make the difference on your project. As much as we love and excel in the creative process, we also understand it’s business. It’s about strategy, messaging, competitive advantages, brand, budgets and ultimately achieving your business goals and objectives. And we get it… our job is to understand the business at hand while doing all we can to make you look good.

Whether you’re looking for a testimonial, on-line training, or a dazzling company brand film, you’ll see the twinkle in our eyes. Our team is made up of creative talent from a variety of disciplines and life experiences. We listen, we think, we strategize. We each have a unique point of view and we realize that key insights can come from anyone. Together, we work hard with an uncompromising dedication to integrity and creating success for our clients.

With a studio in Vancouver and team in Kelowna , a host of video production cameras and tools that would make most any gear-head jealous, and our award-winning talented in-house team all working together, we’re ready for most any corporate video project.

When you hire Media Button you’re bringing on a team (as required). Each talented in their own craft. From senior strategists, directors, cinematographers, project managers and skilled production crew to gifted and experienced editors guiding the final cut. Think of us as an extension to your own team, all committed to help you succeed!

That’s when Media Button president Dave Araki, built on his radio career and established successful businesses in marketing and advertising, which included pioneering the Talking Yellow Pages interactive phone service. With a sharp vision, innovation and the strength to adapt to an ever-changing market, Dave guided the migration of the company into video, web and multimedia production in 2003.

Today, Media Button has grown to be one of BC’s premiere corporate video production companies with offices in Kelowna and Vancouver and a studio in Vancouver BC. We work with a broad range of clientele including local, regional and national corporate brands, cities, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations.

We focus on helping our clients tell their unique story through video production while reaching their specific goals in a cost-effective manner.

Contact Details:
Address: 1425 Charles St Unit #6, Vancouver, BC V5L 2S7
Phone: 604-293-7778

4. Rami Films

Rami Films

Our focus is to provide you with easy-to-consume videos for whatever it is that you do. We are video nerds based in Vancouver who turn any video production into multiple bite-sized pieces. Whether you’re trying to create that viral GIF, an immersive 360 experience, or a video for your site, we’ve got your back in a flexible and creative ways. When it comes to video production, we aren’t afraid to think way outside the box, or just inside of it, depending on your needs. Social media isn’t traditional media, because each platform functions differently. Re-imagine the ordinary to make it extraordinary, and best of all, extremely watchable. Smart videos make ideas fresh. So you bring the idea, and we’ll get fresh with it.

Social Video Marketing

Social video marketing is about ensuring you have a strategic approach to your video content. Ensure that you have the right tools to bring views to your video. Because if no one’s watching, then what’s the point? Whether you’re located in our home base in Vancouver or across the world, we can help you generate interest and sustain engagement for your brand through creative approaches to match your bold ideas.

Commercial Production

Today, you have to earn your viewers’ attention. A great marketing film motivates audiences to remember and share it by connecting with their emotions. Polished, clever, and creative videos have this viral quality, and can form the foundation of an excellent brand-awareness or advertising campaign.

We work with you to develop video marketing tools that truly engage your target audience, something they enjoy viewing and can’t help but talk about.

Go Live

Tomorrow’s top entertainment is no longer passive. Livestream broadcasts created with the right blend of insight and intelligence can set the stage for the kind of active, loyal engagement you want for the future of your video content. Where a comment is actually part of a conversation. Where your audience isn’t just watching a show, they’re interacting in a hangout. It’s another way we work smarter to give you great video marketing tools, no sweat.

VR Video

Panoramic for the 21st century. See the world as it truly is as you provide your viewer with an immersive 360 degree VR environment. VR video production is the latest advancement in bringing your viewer in the middle of the action with their own personal integrated panoramic experience accessible from any device. They can look in any direction simply by moving their phone, or dragging their cursor. Stay ahead of the trend with 360 video production.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos with strong visual storytelling can go way beyond mere talking heads, helping viewers relate to you and your services. We have the experience to make production a breeze, ensuring fast turnaround and a great, cinematic final product. Your company’s vital information isn’t boring – so your video story shouldn’t be either.

Contact Details:
Address: 838 W Hastings St Suite 700, Vancouver, BC V6C 0A6
Phone: 604-800-0474

5. Capture the Moment Media

Capture the Moment Media

Capture the Moment Media is a passionate group of storytellers offering video production in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. With open minds and adventurous hearts, we collaborate with global brands to distill the essence of their story, and communicate it in a way that honours their uniqueness and inspires the viewer to learn more.

We can’t stand clichés, but here’s one that’s got some truth to it: no two clients are the same, and no templated, one-size-fits-all approach can properly tell their story. This is why we delve deep into each client’s unique needs, whether big or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, to discover who they are, what they do, and why they do it. From there our talented production team of directors, cinematographers, editors, animators, and colourists work diligently to deliver a finished product that engages even the most distracted viewers.

We have the distinct privilege of doing what we love for a living and working with leading brands to bring their vision to reality. We’re passionate storytellers and filmmakers, and feel that this passion shines through on every project we take on. When you work with Capture the Moment’s video production company you leverage our years of collective expertise and industry-leading gear, but also our ability to guide clients from concept to completion in a way that’s engaging, personal, and hopefully a whole lot of fun.

Our team is fluent in all elements of video pre-production, production and post-production, including: story workshops, conceptualization, script writing, sound design, casting, direction, cinematography, animation, editing, colouring and everything in between. We can film underwater with special equipment, high in the sky with drones, or in front of any backdrop you can imagine.

With our experienced video production team at your disposal, we welcome you to become as integral to the production process as you desire, from being the subject of the film to having a say in its finishing touches. Through the power of technology, we can also leverage a collection of systems and apps that will make it feel as though you’re in the editing room with us. Working with Capture the Moment, it’s your choice whether you’d like to guide us to deliver the story you envision, or sit back, relax (with an adult beverage of your choice) and let us take care of everything from start to finish.

Contact Details:
Address: 30 E 6th Ave Unit 101, Vancouver, BC V5T 1J3
Phone: 604-283-4337

6. Marant Media Group

Marant Media Group

Marant is an award winning full service video and commercial production company that provides on-demand custom video and commercial production services for clients across Canada and the United States. We built Marant to help both small and large companies to go from not having any video content or just a few videos to being able to have quality HD videos and commercials in volume and at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional video production companies.

Marant Media is a video production company and animation studio with it’s roots in sales, marketing and communication. We specialize in producing great corporate videos and animation video content for websites, marketing campaigns, internal training, corporate events, conferences, tradeshows, social media and YouTube. If you are looking for a local professional Vancouver video production company to produce your next video then you have come to the right place. Experience what makes us so unique. We are a local Vancouver Video Production and Animation Company with over 10 years experience and over 900 videos completed.

If you are looking for professional video production in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto , Los Angeles or any other major cities in Canada or the United States, our team can assist you and your company in reaching your video goals. Our video and commercial production services range from brainstorming and ideation, scriptwriting, production, and post-production. We can even assist your team with marketing and distribution. We are a leader in high quality, scalable, on-demand custom video and television commercial production for Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and elsewhere.

Contact Details:
Address: 104-1037 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 3E1
Phone: (877) 331-4314

7. Wyatt Visuals

Wyatt Visuals Videographer

Wyatt Visuals is a Vancouver Video Production company that creates commercials, corporate videos and documentary films.  We pride ourselves on being friendly, easy to work with and producing high quality and effective videos.

Mark Wyatt, BFA, has over 10 years experience in all aspects of video production and can also be hired as a freelance Cinematographer and Editor.


“Mark and his team are phenomenal. We couldn’t be happier with the videos they’ve produced for us.”
– Andrew Wilkinson, CEO, METALAB

“We’re a design firm that prides itself on our work. When we bring in someone to assist on our projects, we have very high standards and these guys exceed them every time. There is no hesitation from us to bring in Wyatt Visuals into our projects and introduce to our clients.”
– Chris Hayward, President, OPACITY DESIGN GROUP

“Mark is a rare breed of artist that does amazing work and is also reliable. Was a pleasure to work with.”– Roshan Virk, Method Marketing

“I manage the Marketing Department for ACD Systems, and Mark has been my goto Videographer for over 3 years. Working with Mark is very enjoyable. He is smart, dependable, creative and extremely talented. His work speaks for itself (Check out “ACDSee” on Youtube). I have recommended Mark on several occasions and will continue to do so!” – Warren Recker, ACD Systems

“I am impressed with Wyatt Visual’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professionalism. Mark is a proactive videographer, with deep expertise in filming and editing. We are an agency and our clients often ask for a professional videographer; we always work with Wyatt Visuals. I would highly recommend Mark and his team to help you with your video production needs.”
– War Room Inc

“Mark at Wyatt Visuals is a consummate professional. His eye for natural light is a really wonderful thing to experience and he has been a vital part of building our brand.”
– James Basnett, VP Marketing, MEDEO

“Whites Manufacturing engaged Wyatt Visuals to create a series of promotional and informational product videos. Mark has the unique ability of both capturing and clearly communicating a brands unique value proposition. The result is a video that blends a powerful mixture of creative camera work and music to create an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand. I would not hesitate to recommend Wyatt Visuals as a core element of your brands promotional strategy.” – Justin Balaski, MBA

“Wyatt Visuals brings something unique to the table. Mark has true artistic vision. While working with Ocean Rodeo he was able to draw out the authentic nature of our products and construct pieces that were creative, unique and professional. Not only was the final product beyond expectation but he was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Wyatt Visuals if you are looking for high quality multimedia product.”

“Mark at Wyatt Visuals has an artistic eye for perfection! The talent and confidence he brings to the table makes for a product that far exceeded our expectations every time! Being constructive, organized, relaxed, and always one step ahead, working with Mark was a true pleasure. We look forward to working with Wyatt Visuals again and will recommend them hands down!”
– Randy Weflen, Shaper & CEO, WEFI SURFBOARDS

Contact Details:
Address: 2355 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1G4
Phone: 604-828-9071

8. Oh Boy Productions

Oh Boy Productions

We are a video production team in Vancouver, BC. Our downtown studios are custom built for live-shows and podcasts, explainer videos, in-person and remote interviews and a wide-range of traditional business video productions. Our team is nimble and responsive to your video production needs – whether live from our studio, or on-site at your location. We’ve been growing with the video industry since 1998 and we love video!

Stuart McNish (general manager)

As an award winning broadcaster, Stu McNish founded Oh Boy Productions in 1998 and still thrives on the art of storytelling.

No matter how simple or elaborate the plot-line will be, he is able to leave you on the edge of your seat, craving to hear more.

Stu’s natural ability to reveal the key messages in each story combined with the creative skills of the other team members makes Oh Boy Productions the dynamic video production company it is today.

Contact Details:
Address: 560 Beatty St l320, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
Phone: 604-662-8821

9. Octopi Media

Octopi Media

Octopi Media is a Vancouver based video production company founded in January 2017 by Chris Kavelaars and Ronny Kurland. We strive to help businesses of all sizes by providing creative, custom and comprehensive video packages designed to meet our clients’ marketing and development needs. We strongly believe in what we do, and strive to add value to our clients and the surrounding community.

Before the founding of Octopi Media, Chris and Ronny worked together on a range of different productions including short films, a 10 part independent television series, and several corporate projects. Throughout their collaborative journey, the pair realized their potential working together as a team, sparking the decision to establish themselves as Octopi Media in the corporate and promotional video world.

Since its founding, Octopi Media has worked on a wide variety of exciting projects including corporate and promotional videos, live events, documentaries and short films. Throughout this journey Octopi Media has worked and collaborated with several notable clients such as Vancouver Coastal Health, RHD Building Science, the District of North Vancouver and the Arthur Erickson Foundation.

Working with our clients is always a great learning experience. Not only are we given the opportunity to help them get ahead, we also get to learn about all the cool and exciting stuff their company is doing in our community and beyond. Our team approaches any job with great excitement and determination to deliver everything imaginable and more. We truly love what we do.

Contact Details:
Address: 1318 W 6th Ave #207, Vancouver, BC V6H 1A7
Phone: 778-806-6507

10. Bokeh Boy Productions

Bokeh Boy Productions

Bokeh Boy is a freelance production company based in Vancouver, BC. Having excelled in, photography, videography, and digital marketing, Bokeh Boy aims to accelerate and peak their clients and businesses.

After taking an interest in short film making and editing, Shariq Hussain found himself quickly finding new ways to become better at his craft, before eventually taking on photography as a whole. Jeremy Cen, co-owner of Bokeh Boy, took an interest in photos after assisting a friend during one of their shoots. That led to Jeremy investing in a camera of his own, which allowed him to practice and become more proficient at his work. As a result, the duo began to receive commissions from their friends and quickly gained a small online presence because of their work. Currently enrolled in the well-known Motion Picture Arts program at Capilano University, the duo continue to practice their skills whenever they can by taking videos at popular events in the city as well as photographing their own clients.

After graduation, they are looking to expand their network beyond Vancouver and take on several more clients, businesses, and public events. The two believe in capturing moments that are unique to the individual, and to have a memory that they can hold onto forever. They are eager to continue developing their presence in the city and, in time, become well-known to the production and digital marketing community as a vibrant, contemporary take on the personal lifestyles in Vancouver.

Contact Details:
Address: 6446 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5W 3A4
Phone: 604-600-8462


If you have to make your business stand separated from the rest, an appealing corporate video can help you with that. Most likely!

Each corporate video creation has a particular system which has to be cultivated and gifted skillfully. Hopefully, with the list we put out for you we saved your exertion slightly in picking the right corporate video production company.

Preferably, you can use the above list as a remarkable starting stage – or a fabulous pack of references – to find the right corporate video production company to revive your astounding corporate video!

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