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Ways to have Fun in Vancouver

Tons of Activities in Vancouver

When in the great city of Vancouver, there are many activities and venues you should explore. From dining options to night clubs, there is something for everyone’s tastes. You won’t be disappointed. Learn information about Vancouver, BC.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Just a few miles from the heart of Vancouver, this park showcases the natural beauty of the area. It is free to enter and explore. One hundred thirty acres complete this large and artistic park. It houses over fifteen hundred native trees. Plus, there are exotic trees. Discover facts about Things to do in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kitsilano Beach

This beach is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Vancouver. It provides the ideal setting when the weather is nice. In line skating, picnics, and volleyball are just a few activities you can enjoy here. There are also tennis courts and stunning views of the city. 

Spanish Bank Beach

Located close to the city, Spanish Bank Beach is a quiet and clean beach where you can enjoy skimboarding. The water is usually too cold to swim in, but there are tons of ways to have fun here. Visitors can enjoy basking in the sun, or they can spend time hiking along the shoreline. 

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